How PPC Protect calculates your savings

By now you’ve probably noticed the “Saved” counter in your PPC Protect dashboard - but what exactly does it mean, and how do we arrive at that number?

What Is The “Saved” Counter?

This shows how much money PPC Protect has saved you in the last 30 days. This is money that, had you not been using PPC Protect, would have been wasted on fraudulent clicks.

How Is This Calculated?:

This can get quite complex, so bear with us (or contact us with any questions you have after reading this!). We aim to provide you with the most accurate saved value possible so you can measure ROI - here’s how we do it:

  • When a click is detected to be fraudulent and blocked, the cost of that click has not been saved - because the click has already occurred!
  • We then analyse that click in detail, taking into account over 100 factors, paying particular attention to:
  • IP address
  • Geo-location
  • User agent
  • The keyword the fraud occurred on
  • We use this analysis, coupled with data from our ever-growing fraud database and a range of 3rd party tools and datasets, to determine how often this IP would have clicked on your ads had it not been detected and blocked. This also takes into account the fraud rates in your industry and in your country over the past 30 days, giving the most up to date estimate possible.
  • Once we have determined how often this IP would have clicked had it not been blocked, we multiply that value by the CPC of the keyword that the fraudulent IP was clicking. For example, if an IP fraudulently clicked for the keyword “click fraud protection” at a CPC of $3, and this IP would have clicked 4 times, then we arrive at a saving of $12.
  • Whilst this is an estimation, the saved figure is currently calculated with a 90% confidence rating. We are continually improving this and as our database of fraudulent activity continues to grow, so does our ability to accurately measure the amount saved.