I don't see any data in my account, why is that?

Usually our system will pull all your Google Ads data within just a few minutes. 

However, for particularly large accounts, or during times of extremely heavy load on our system, it may take a little longer to initially pull your accounts.

In these instances please allow up to 6 hours to complete a full import of your Google Ads data. 

There are also a number of steps you can take that are likely to resolve the issue;

  • Ensure that the tracking template is in the first field. and that the second field (final URL) is empty
  • Check that auto tagging is enabled
  • Ensure you are not using any other click fraud services or 3rd party tracking at campaign level, as these tracking templates may clash with our service.
  • Additionally, we do not support call only, smart campaigns, or universal campaigns - as such, they will show in your account.