Managing your Google refund requests

See how to request a refund for invalid activity and how Google handles this process

Refunds are issues entirely at Google's discretion, and PPC Protect has no control over this. Google refunds are usually very small and cover only a minimal amount of your invalid activity.

We recommend comparing your invalid click adjustments on Google Ads invoices to your PPC Protect savings figure to get an accurate picture of how much fraud has cost you.

If you have significant invalid activity on your Google Ads account, it is worth submitting a refund request to Google. You can learn more about how to do this here:

When submitting a refund, it is important to note the following:

  • It is entirely at Google's discretion whether or not to refund any activity
  • You may have existing invalid activity adjustments on your bill. These are what Google's standard click fraud filters have picked up - if you have these, it is extremely unlikely Google will admit fault and offer more refunds, even if presented with overwhelming evidence of click fraud. The spend from these is already filtered out from your PPC Protect data.
  • You can compare your invalid activity adjustments to your PPC Protect account data to see how much more fraud PPC Protect is detecting than Google's standard filters.
  • As Google are often unwilling to refund, the proactive protection offered by PPC Protect is extremely important. This ensures click fraud is eliminated at source once detected, and you are not continually billed for it