My fraudulent clicks & blacklisted IPs don't match up

If you're wondering why the number of fraudulent clicks and blacklisted IPs are different, then we've created this quick article to help you out.

In order to identify an IP as fraudulent and add it to the blacklist, it must have fraudulent click activity originating from it. Sometimes this fraudulent activity will be detected in a single click, however sometimes it will take several clicks before we can be certain an IP/IP range is fraudulent.

In these instances, you will see that your number of fraudulent clicks is higher than your number of blacklisted IPs.


IP Address 1 - 1 Fraudulent Clicks
IP Address 2 - 5 Fraudulent Clicks
IP Address 3 - 2 Fraudulent Clicks

In this example, 3 IPs would be added to the blacklist, but your number of fraudulent clicks would be 8.

Can I set PPC Protect to block fraud after just 1 click?

When fraud is obvious and easy to identify, we automatically block it after just a single click. 

However, many bots and fraudsters disguise themselves as legitimate users. In order to ensure we don't block any legitimate users, it can sometimes take a few clicks before we are certain that a given IP is fraudulent. This allows us to be certain that only fraudulent activity is being blocked in your account and that legitimate users are not impacted.