What do the colours associated with my click data mean?

Wondering what the colour next to your click data means? Find out here.

When viewing click data in your PPC Protect dashboard, you will notice that the click entries come in one of four colours:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Black

Each of these tells us that the click belongs to a specific group. The details of these groups are as follows:

Colour of click data Click category
Green Click came from a legitimate IP address
Yellow Click came from a suspicious IP address
Red Click came from a fraudulent IP address

Click came from a whitelisted IP address


The following action will be taken by the PPC Protect system for each click category:

Colour of click data Action taken
Green No action taken, the click is legitimate
Yellow Further monitoring undertaken as the click is suspicious, but not yet considered fraud. IP address is added to the internal watchlist.
Red IP is added automatically to the blacklist, as the click was determined to be fraudulent.

No action taken, as the click comes from an IP address that the user has already whitelisted. Note, any IPs used to log in to your PPC Protect dashboard are automatically added to the whitelist.